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Bid Depository Email Tendering Process

Sub-Trade & Prime Contractor Bidders

Bid Depository eBid Tendering System (Sub-Trades)


Process for CANB Bid Depository Tendering via email to a dedicated email address.

            Bid submissions go to CANB to the dedicated email address canbebid@gmail.com.


NOTE: - This is a “one-way” email address. It will not, and cannot be accessed, until after Bid Depository Closing Time.  Sub-Bidders are responsible to ensure their Bid Package is sent to the proper email address.       


All applicable Bid Depository Rules are still in force.

Processing fee for sub-trades bidders shall apply. Members $75.00 Non-Members $150.00

Processing fee for Prime Contractors shall apply. Members $25.00 Non-Members $50.00


Process for Sub-Trade bidding is as follows. (Read it carefully – as a step-by-step process)

Quires can be by email to canb4@nbnet.nb.ca or by phone 506-459-5770


1.       Sub-trade bidders shall advise CANB of their intent to bid by requesting tender documents from their local Association office. You will be emailed a Pre-Fillable two page Bid Form  - (Page 1 GREEN –>  Page 2 PINK) along with an invoice for the applicable administration fee. 

      Note:  Form is Pre-structured, for final prices & information being filled in using a computer.


2.       Sub-Trade Bidders – Complete a computer generated GREEN (page 1) form for each Prime Bidder you intend to bid. This will automatically create the duplicate PINK (page 2) to forward later to the Prime Bidder.


3.       Include any supplementary information required by the Prime Bidders to complete their Tender form, ie: Request for Separate Prices. Acknowledge any and all with $ value or 0.00, whether they affect your Trade or not. Review addenda carefully and the Prime Bidder Tender Form. Enter the information on the GREEN (page 1) or an attached page if required.


4.       On a company letterhead, create a list of Prime Bidders you will be extending your price(s) to.  Enter the price beside each name. This list, with a copy of any one completed GREEN (page 1) tender form is for CANB. Sign & seal your Bid Bond payable to the Successful Prime Contractor and the Agreement to Bond. Scan all these to a PDF format file.   (Do Not - Include the Letter of Agent)


5.       Do Not Send - NBCSA & Work Safe certificates, copies of addenda, documents or information NOT required for the Prime Bidders to complete their Tender Form. Warning - Excess paperwork could be seen by the computer Anti-virus as JUNK and risk diverting your bid package to JUNK mail.


6.       Email your tender packet to the CANB dedicated email address,  canbebid@gmail.com, prior to the published closing date/time.  {Scan everything into one file if feasible – not compulsory}


7.       Revisions to the price or the bid form must be sent to the same email address canbebid@gmail.com . Every email revision must show a receipt time prior to closing time.


8.       Bidders shall retain the completed PINK (page 2) tenders for Prime Bidders until the official list of acceptable sub-bids has posted to CINet.  CANB will endeavor to post to CINET, all acceptable bids on closing day as early as possible.  DO NOT Forward your bid to Prime Bidders if it was rejected


9.       If your are listed on CINET as an accepted Sub-trade Bidder (YOU MUST – LOW BIDDER or NOT) email the PINK (page 2)  tender packages to ALL individual Prime Bidders you listed previously. Next confirm to the CANB email bidding address, that all Prime Bidders listed (per item 3) have been quoted. You cannot alter a previous shown bid value.  Do Not email the PINK (page 2) packages to CANB.


10.    DO NOT – Forward your Bid to the Prime Bidders if it was rejected => (Not Listed on CINET)

CANB is designed to perform a co-ordinating function for reaching consensus and to effectively present the Industry’s collective views to various client groups, particularly to relevant departments and agencies of the provincial government. The Province of New Brunswick has long recognized CANB as the official and reputable voice of the industrial/commercial/institutional building sector of the construction industry.

The degree to which CANB is able to attain its main goal is dependent upon the aspirations and the collective will of its member associations. The associations control the decision-making process and direction of CANB’s efforts through their respective representatives on the CANB Board.

CANB must attempt to ensure that any of its commitments, undertakings and/or actions are representative of the majority views and wishes of its member associations. This is necessary to satisfy the various regional and specialty constituency interests and is essential to CANB’s continuing credibility.

CANB has worked hard to achieve its current status of being recognized as the voice of the industry, on matters of broad significance within our province. Its member associations help to strenghten this postion by continued co-operation.